ATTENTION CHEER PARENTS:  If you want to help maximize the cheer experience with your athlete and tee them up for the greatest success, you don’t want to miss this session with industry experts (and cheer moms themselves), Aly & Andrea. Its research-based, proven strategies that will impact the relationship with you, your child, (and all the people you love) now and forever.

Ask your coaches to call for booking information, or email us:  Learn:

Parent Track TCI✔ The science behind empowering your athlete to his/her greatest potential and confidence level, even when they feel down
✔ How to finally get those coaches to hear you! :)
✔ Best practices to build a gym culture that you love, no matter what “just happened”
✔ Build relationships with other parents, and help your athlete do the same with their team mates

Open Q&A from the experts who have been athletes, coaches, event producers, and consultants in this industry for almost 30 years. Ask Anything!

The sessions are approximately 2 hours and can be done during your athlete’s regular practice time. Workbooks included.


The best athletes in the world don’t just train in the gym– they train their mind. Learn how to create champions with proven mindset strategies as your foundation in this ground-breaking 5-part audio series, specifically built for cheerleaders, coaches, and parents because those are the three key groups that must work together to create overall success of the cheer program. If you’re ready truly take your skills to the next level, it is time to learn with a whole new approach with a brand new perspective.

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Get the support you need to help guide your athlete through their cheer experience and life. Articles include resources, research-based strategies, and simple compassionate guidance to help you be the best cheer mom or cheer dad on the planet.
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