As competition season begins, we’re seeing more and more panic in the gyms. Missing uniforms, teams “not ready,” athletes with the flu, roster issues, hotel issues, parent issues, and so on. Remember this:

1)  The culture of your gym family starts with you. Everyone plays a role in this experience. Take a step back for a moment and know that this is cheerleading….the sun is still going to come up tomorrow, even if you wear a borrowed bow this weekend because someone left theirs at home. We promise. If you don’t want drama, don’t feed it.

2)  You’re likely giving too much weight to the “issues” right now. If you put your to-do list on a scale right now, your long list Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.39.46 AM of crazies are weighing you down. We’re not suggesting that long lists go away- just that you tip the scale the other way by assigning a different perspective to them. More about that via the next item…

3)  “Variety” is a basic human need. Its the opposite of certainty. Research shows us that while we all need the stability of certainty and structure, we all need variety and change too. That variety and change is what’s happening now in the gym- its uncertain, uncomfortable (if you let it be), and unpredictable. But it’s what drives growth! Its what makes the season so wonderful when you can look back and say things like, “Remember our first competition this year and we were so nervous about…?” Our encouragement to you is to embrace that uncertainty and add happy adjectives in front of it: Its thrillingly uncertain! Wildly uncomfortable but excitingly unpredictable!

The KEY:

In the end, how will you use this season of ramping up to shape your own character and that of those around you? Do NOT miss this moment to teach athletes and/or yourself how to see a scary circumstance and in the face of that, choose purposeful calm. Let it turn you into one who executes instead of blames. Teach them to take responsibility for their role in their own day and the culture of the team. Teach them that despite the circumstances, they control how they respond. Teach them that life is not always going to be perfect, and that’s a good thing because they’ll learn. Teach them that sometimes you have to hurry up. Teach them that sometimes you have to follow up and ask again. This is WHY we are in this industry. Do not miss the opportunity to come together as a staff, as a team, and as a gym family now….to purposefully build the season of your dreams.

As always, we’re cheering you on,

Aly & Andrea


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