The CheerLEAD™ Camp Series

After almost 30 years in the cheerleading industry, we know that strong mentorship is a critical component for all championship programs. We also believe in having tons of fun! Introducing our CheerLEAD™ Summer Camp Series, featuring special guests like Matt Smith, Carly Manning, Holden Ray, Tonya Rice, and more. Its a skills camp with major doses of motivation and leadership development, and we come to you in YOUR gym! Whether you are looking for team building opportunities, ways to build your staff or athlete leadership, fresh approaches to skills, drills, and conditioning, or simply a fun offering for your current or prospective athletes… this camp will make you the superstar.  Additional information is below.

If you want to inquire about booking a CheerLEAD℠ Camp, call our Director of Operations, Janine: 407-710-8989 or

Instruction and Motivation
Camp instruction is held in each host gym/facility for a total of 4 hours, starting with 30 minutes of team building motivation and inspirational talks for attendees, coaches, staff, and parents who opt to stay. Next, athletes are led in warm up together, then  placed into groups for various rotations to focus on skills that you select as a host gym (select from high caliber jump drills, tumbling drills, motion technique, tumbling technique). Stunt Instruction is included in all skills training sessions, and athletes are encouraged to work within their regular stunt groups if they have them.  Skills training rotations last approximately 2.5 hours, and wrap with skill-specific conditioning to improve technique, increase consistency, and decrease injuries. Sessions wrap with interactive guided Q&A, meet and greet, and plenty of opportunity for athletes to take pictures. The focus here is to go beyond the hype of high-profile personalities, and teach the life skills that truly matter for each athlete. Bring a notebook and pen!  


photo.PNGAs a Host gym of a CheerLEAD™ Summer Camp, you are welcome to request specific skills or topics you want us to cover during your camp. Regardless of the skill, our philosophy is always to focus on mastery and then progression. This is because:

  • Pursuit of Mastery first helps drive consistency, especially as you progress to elite level skills
  • Pursuit of Mastery keeps you safer, while allowing for greater creativity down the road
  • Pursuit of Mastery keeps you motivated because it is never ending, and is a researched-based key to human drive
  • Pursuit of Mastery often means the difference between first and second place. It matters on the scoresheet!



Learn from some of the most knowledgable coaches in the industry. CheerLEAD™ Summer camps allow for custom requests in the stunt category, so you can learn what matters to you. Are you struggling with specific skills? Want to learn more drills? Want to know why the left side of the pyramid is not consistent? Wish you had that full up, or basket? Just ask! Our stunt curriculum is top-notch, and will change how you teach and learn this part of the score sheet forever. *We request that stunt groups are already assigned prior to our arrival for maximum efficiency.


There has never been a championship team who didn’t love each other first. We believe that focus on mental preparedness, leadership, and team relationships is the foundation to every championship team. CheerLEAD™ Summer Camp curriculum helps you build those team relationships, and helps the leaders build more leaders. We do this via traditional motivational talks, as well as group exercises and throughout the skills curriculum training. We focus on peak performance research to help build cheerleaders into impactful leaders. For life.
If you are a coach, staff member, owner, or cheer parent, you’ll want to be part of this teaching. We also send out notes and bonuses after each camp to all attendees via email.

Get to know the real athletes. Behind all the hype, you’ll enjoy the real stories of overcoming challenges and the human side to the athletes and leaders at your camp. You will get to ask questions, be inspired, get training tips, and more. There will also be time to take pictures and grab autographs

If you want to inquire about booking a CheerLEAD℠ Camp, call our Director of Operations, Janine: 407-710-8989 or