“One is Blind. Both have Vision.” 


Identical twins, Aly Calvo and Andrea Kulberg, M,Ed., were born nearly 3 months premature. Doctors claimed they would never survive through the night.  They were wrong. Andrea lost most of her eyesight within the first days of her life, but neither of them lost Vision. Now, nearly four decades later, Aly and Andrea are leadership development speakers and consultants in the cheerleading industry. Their motivational style makes them a perfect fit as they work with cheer athletes, coaches, gym owners and cheer parents to help improve their cheerleading experience.

When you hear them speak, you’ll hear pieces of their story that relate to the skills you need for your own success: Aly and Andrea have overcome personal challenges including blindness, poverty, divorce, and cancer to become an award winning international CEO, TV spokesperson, authors, World Champion athletes, Olympic torch bearer, and cancer survivor. They have spent nearly 30 years in the cheerleading industry as athletes, coaches, event producers, consultants, speakers, and as cheer moms themselves. (Yes, they can relate!)

Aly and Andrea are former University of Texas cheerleaders and National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) instructors. They have trained athletes, coaches, judges, and program directors from the USA, the UK, Europe, and Asia. Andrea is a member of the USASF/IASF Cheerleading Hall of Fame and served as the elected International Representative on the USASF/IASF Board of Directors and multiple USASF committees including the International Rules Committee and the International Sanctioning Committee. Aly carried the Olympic torch, and is a former nationally certified personal trainer from the world renowned Houstonian Club where she trained clients from all over the world for peak performance.

Aly and Andrea now work together as co-founders of two companies in the cheerleading industry: The CheerLEAD™ Interactive (USA) serves as a consulting arm for the industry and also provides motivational speaking and leadership development for staff and athletes in the industry via online platforms and live events/camps.  They also serve as Co-Producers for the upcoming inspirational documentary, The CheerLEAD Experience.  Their second company, Legacy Cheer and Dance Ltd (United Kingdom) is Aly and Andrea’s latest development as Event Producers for cheer and dance, to continue the growth of the industry internationally.  Legacy Cheer and Dance competitions begin in fall 2014, with its first nationals event taking place in London’s Olympic Park, summer 2015.

Aly and Andrea have been named among “the best coaches in the country” (as business consultants), and are listed in “The Top 50 Women to Follow on Twitter” for their high-value empowerment and inspirational content. Aly and Andrea live in Houston, Texas, but their hearts are forever with the cheer community around the world.